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You are welcome on our website, as at our hotel, with friendly and warm manners. On our website you can get to know just anything about us, our hotel and its facilities. If you are planning to come to Genoa either for business or for leisure, at our hotels you will surely find anything you need to make to most of your time in Genoa.
Have a good time in surfing our website, and have a nice journey!

Our hotel is an ancient building, wide walled, located in the beautiful and full-of-history Via Balbi. Via Balbi is one the main streets in Genoa, and from here you reach Piazza Acquaverde, where Piazza Principe railway station is located. Piazza Principe railway station dates back to 1860 when it was built. Via Balbi hosts most of the Genoa university faculties.
Via Balbi used to be the street of the local noble class, and it was Stefano Balbi's, a rich bank owner from Genoa, decision to build it in the XV century. Via Balbi has been nominated as UNESCO Heritage, since Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) and other important historical buildings are located here as well.
According to the legend, Mr Casanova used to live in our hotel, and reach her mistress here through a secret passage which linked Palazzo Reale to the hotel.
The hotel has been now supplied with all sorts of modern comforts and facilities, but you can still feel a sort of long-lost noble-class atmosphere.

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